YouTube MP3 API – Generates Download Buttons

A free and free of Ads YouTube MP3 API who is generates MP3 and MP4 download buttons in your Website. Just insert the simple iframe code in your homepage and let your users download MP3´s and MP4´s for free.

The integration in your website happens via iframe:

The iFrame code generates this buttons in your website:

Just replace the YouTube ID with your required ID. If you have a dynamic Website you can use php code for YouTube Video ID too.

This iframe API is compatible with some of our PHP Scripts.

Here is the Link: YouTube MP3 API

How to add 😁😍😡 Emojis in Google Search Results

Google brings Emojis in SERPS. Emojis in Google Search Results are Eye-Catcher. We think you will get more Klicks with Emojis in META Title & Description. You see in this Article Emojis in Title, Description and also in the URL. How to do this?

For the Standard Smiley Emoji 😁 you have to insert this Code in your Source:

If you want to show this Emoji in Url insert this one:

This is possible with all Emojis. You have just to change the unicode.

Here is a Full Emoji List.

How to run a WordPress Blog with SSL (https)

To run your WordPress Blog or WP Website with the Secure “https://” you need a SSL Certificate.
Some Provider offer it for free! Some Provider want to pay for it!

Why i need this?
A Secure Website get a better ranking at Google.

After we have a SSL Certifacte we go to WP-Settings – General and set your URLs:

  • WordPress Address (URL):
  • Site Address (URL):

To redirect all Pages of your Blog we recommend this WP-Plugin:

  • Really Simple SSL

Now your WordPress Website run on all Pages with SSL.
Also all income Visitors will be redirect to Secure URLs.


How to redirect your Website always to https with .htaccess

You want to use your Website always with the Secure connection SSL (https://).

This is the solution to redirect your Website always to https:

This is the solution to redirect your Website always to https and with www:


How to install Apache and PHP on Ubuntu 14.04

To run a Website on a VPS Server we have tot sign up at a provider and setup a Server. If you use this tutorial it is very simple.

First we need a VPS Provider. We recommend: VULTR.

After Sign up at VULTR you can Deploy new Server.

Use this Link and receive $20 for your Server on VULTR.

We recommend this Settings:

  • Server Location: London
  • Server Type: Ubuntu 14.04 x64
  • Server Size: 15GB SSD ($5/mo)
  • Additional Feature: Enable IPv6
  • Server Hostname & Label: Your Website Name
  • Deploy Now

Now we login to our new VPS Server with the TERMINAL:


Install Apache:

Install PHP:



Restart Server:

Search PHP Modules:

Install PHP Modules:

Setup mod_rewrite:

Setting Up .htaccess:

And Copy and Paste this in 2. Line:

Restart Server:

Now you can upload your files with your FTP App on your server.

If you need help please feel free to ask.

How to create a YouTube API V3 Key

For the most of our PHP Script is a YouTube Api V3 Key requiered. In this Blogpost i will tell you step-by-step how you get a free API Key from YouTube.

  • Visit Google Developers Console and login with your Google Account.
  • Create a new Project.
  • Activate API
  • YouTube Data API
  • Activate
  • Credentials
  • Create credentials
  • API key
  • Ready

It is realy very easy to Create a API Key from YouTube. If you need help feel free to ask.

How to create a OpenSearch Plugin

What is a OpenSearch Plugin?

A OpenSearch Plugin allows you to search on a Website directly from your browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer use the search bar at the top right. Microsoft appears to prefer the term Search Provider but there is no difference in function. There are also tools to add search capability to right click menus and other locations.

What it can be useful for a Webmaster?

After create the Plugin you can submit it to various Provider. User will find easy your plugin and will also use it. Example: If you upload your plugin maybe to mozilla you will get thousands of user how use you plugin. You can also integrate your Plugin to the Sourcecode of your Website.

Example XML Search Plugin:

Please costumize this Example so that it fits to your website and safe it as an .xml file.

Now you can upload your OpenSearch Plugin to your Server.

Now we integrate the OpenSearch Plugin in the <head> Area of your Website:

Please be sure that the Title in your Sourcecode be identical to the Title of your OpenSearch Plugin.

For more range upload your Plugin to some Providers like or

How to extract YouTube ID from Url with PHP

How I can extract the YouTube ID from this URL Example by using PHP?

Example YouTube Url:

Actually this work fine:

But in our Example we have to encode the YouTube url first.