MP3 Downloader Script

Browse in Charts, search your favorite Music, watch the Video and Download the MP3. This is the MP3 Downloader Script. Start your own MP3 Downloader Website with this great PHP Script. Get traffic and earn Money with Ads. This is a full working MP3 Downloader PHP Script. Find Millions of Songs, Watch the Video and Download the Song as MP3 for free. We also include the Addthis sharing Tool. Your User will like and share your Site and you goes viral. You can customize many thinks like Titles, Description, Theme etc.

Notice: This Script is not illegal because you do not host any Video or MP3 Files on your Server. The mp3 conversion will be done by 3.Party Provider.

Version: 1.3

You can try the Demo here:


  • Browse in Charts
  • Search for Music
  • Auto-Suggestions by YouTube
  • Preview the Video
  • Download MP3
  • Share
  • Search Engine Friendly Urls


  • Built with Bootstrap
  • 17 different Themes
  • Full Responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy translation by yourself


  • This Script is not illegal
  • Run on any Server with PHP5
  • No Database requiered
  • No ffmpeg needed


  • PHP 5.x
  • YouTube API Key
  • ModRewrite (.htaccess)



You can try the Demo here:

Instant Download after Payment.


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Sir what about sitemap ? it’s so important if you add generator sitemap i will buy your script

Hello Sir,

Yes this script works on shared hosting.

The demo is installed on a shared hosting server.

kind regards

How can I see how it works MP4 Download Plugin? The demo version does not install this plugin?

I believe that it is a plugin that can be used for this script.

Working perfectly dude. But I need Truecaller script with selection of country. Can you make the script.

Hello Sir,

Maybe you are over the YouTube API Limit?

Please Check on your Google API Dev Page.

Kind Regards

Hello Sir.

We work on update.

I hope we can release the new version next week.

thank you very much.

Kind regards

I do not see any updates, just change the source of the download, nothing significant, I do not see update to improve the structure of the site.
You could add a contact page and an option to remove the link containing dmca.

Yes this is true.

Just changed Download Source.

Thank you for your proposals. I will do my best.

I´m very busy at this time.

Kind regards

Hello Sir.

You Use an https Website so you must change the url of YouTube Video and the Url of Download Buttons to https also.

Kind regards

Okay tnx, but on what line and on what file ? Can you give me a screenshot where can I change the youtube url and download button to https ?

Hello sir.

In /layers/content_download.php change the urls of and to https://

Kind regards

Please fix the bug, the mp3 is not completely downloading. It says download complete but the mp3 is not fully downloaded. The other part of mp3 is missing. 4mins the orig mp3 but when i download it using your script it is only less than 3 mins.


Please tell me what Youtube video it is.
It’s the same source as at The other Script.
I take a look.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect, I tried in on your other script and its working fine with perfect conversation. But When im using this script the mp3 is corrupt and it is only half of a duration of the original video. Please fix it.

I am sorry sir but it’s the same source.
I have tested on your script and the mp3 was complete.
The mp3 is just on your site cuz because there Is a cached file on your computer so on other script is a new cached file so the song is complete. I am sure that there was only a problem with download.

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