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This MP3 Search Script is the best MP3 Search & Download PHP Script ever. Top Music from iTunes, powerful Search function, latest searches, automatic .xml Sitemap, seo friendly urls, Preview the video, Download MP3. The MP3 Searchengine Script is SEO optimized with SEO friendly urls and automatic XML Sitemap Generator. You can Set and edit many thinks like Site Title, Meta, Keywords, Badwords, etc. This PHP Script is built with bootstrap and very easy to customize. Many Themes are also inclusive.

Notice: This Script is not illegal because you do not host any Video or MP3 Files on your Server. The mp3 conversion will be done by 3.Party Provider.

Version: 1.4

You can try the Demo here:


  • Browse in Charts
  • Search for Music
  • Preview the Video
  • Download MP3
  • Latest Searches
  • Automatic XML Sitemap
  • Keywords injection
  • Badwords block
  • SEO friendly Urls
  • Share


  • Built with Bootstrap
  • 17 different Themes
  • Full Responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy translation by yourself


  • This Script is not illegal
  • Run on any Server with PHP5
  • No Database requiered
  • No ffmpeg needed


  • PHP 5.x
  • ModRewrite
  • YouTube API Key



You can try the Demo here:

Instant Download after Payment.

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Is awesome script but i have litte question if i buy it you can help to deactive option to watch ? i want to make it just for download , and when i check seo friendly option i found the title and description but i have nothing for keyword meta

Hello Sir,

Yes its possible to dissable the Video.

Yes its also possible to use meta keywords in header

I can help you to Setup this things.

Kind regards

Please sir , give me your skype for chat so easy than comment here , i’m so interessed by two of your script

I am Sorry,

I dont use skype.

We can chat on Facebook too.

After purchase you have permissions to Support Forums.

kind regards

Ok Sir

You have just to change the file permissions via ftp app.

Do you have modrewrite enabled on your server?

I am just on mobile at this time. So I can not see in your server via ftp.

Kind regards

Can we add own keywords in it ? and this script has an admin panel ?

Hello Sir.

Yes you can inject your own keywords via keywords(1).txt files.

The Keywords will be be display in /sitemap in html and sitemap.xml

Script has no Admin Panel

Kind regards

Hello. how to fix youtube api key quota? My site only has 400 visitors per day and always exceeds the daily quota.

Hello Sir,

I don’t know why you go to limit because I run more script with just one API key!

Maybe create a new key and use this one.

Kind regards

I want to buy this script with Mastercard but when I click on checkout it redirects me to paypal.

Thank you sir,

You can use your creditcard on PayPal site too to buy the script.

Please follow steps on PayPal.

Kind regards

I am from Pakistan I have only Payoneer Mastercard 🙁

Will google spam this script ? manual action in webmasters tools ?

Hello Sir,

We run various of this Scripts and we never have problems with spam.

You can block Google robots in robots.txt or with meta tag in header.

kind regards

Hello youtube api limit exceeded daily. how to but youtube api quota ? Or any thing that will increase the limit ?

Hi, I have purchased this script but i get Converter Tube, instead of mp3trump how do i change it?

Hi, If the recent sitemap limit exceed so recent sitemap 2 will be created or not ? for example I have set the limit of recent sitemap to 5000 but when the searches are more than 5000 It will create recent sitemap 2 ?

Hello sir,

If you are over the set limit of 5000 urls the file will be cached and begins from 0.

You can set 10000 urls as limit too.

Kind regards

The site has not a mobile version, which is to be responsive (mobile-friendly). It is very important for Google and visitors to see over the phone. You do not think about improving this aspect?

Hello Sir,

This Script is full responsive and so mobile friendly. Please try it on your phone.

Kind regards

I want to look at your customers’ sites. Those who use this script

I think you need to use the multiple youtube keys. I can not leave the robots on the site for very fast reaching the limit of queries and blocking the results posted on youtube. Thus, Google can no longer index pages and the site stagnates.

Multiple API Keys are not possible now.
I recommend to block robots from your Download Path via robots.txt


Hello, How to remove 404 page ? If there is no results I don’t want to display 404 page. I want to display a normal search page with no results. Please tell me what changes should I need.

Hi I want to purchase this script. What is the process, and will you also provide me help?
and please give me any special discount, as I am a starter.


Help sir,

After purchase via PayPal you can download the script in your account.

Sure if you need help I will help you,

Sorry but no discount,

Kind regards

But I do not support paypal in my country 🙁 unfortunately..
But I support credit card and payza payments !

OK Sir.

Try to pay with your CreditCard on Paypal. I think they support CreditCards too.

We accept also Payoneer.

Kind regards

Please provide me any discount, I want to purchase this script.
I am just starting out, so I am low in budget!

Thanks in advance..

Hey Daniel, I am ok with this rate..
But I am not sure if my site or API will handle all traffic!
Can you please check and let me know which script “” this site is using and how they are managing to get so much downloads from Youtube?

Thanks in advance..

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