Simple YouTube-MP3 Converter Script

This very easy and simple YouTube-MP3 Converter Script help you to convert any YouTube Video to Mp3. This Script is easy to customize and mobile ready. After Converting the Video you can see a YouTube Thumbnail in HD, Title, Description and Tags of Video. With just ONE Click you can Download the MP3. Pleasy try the Demo.

Notice: This Script is not illegal because you do not host any Video or MP3 Files on your Server. The mp3 conversion will be done by 3.Party Provider.

Version: 1.1

You can try the Demo here:


  • Converts any YouTube Video to MP3
  • Converts any YouTube Urls (,,
  • Show Video Title, Description, Tags
  • Show YouTube Tumbnail in HD
  • Download MP3
  • Share


  • Built with Bootstrap
  • 17 different Themes
  • Full Responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy translation by yourself


  • This Script is not illegal
  • Run on any Server with PHP5
  • No Database requiered
  • No ffmpeg needed


  • PHP 5.x
  • YouTube API Key



You can try the Demo here:

Instant Download after Payment.

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I wonder if this script works on shared hosting

Thank you

Hello Sir,

Yes this script work on any shared hosting server.

You don’t need ffmpeg. You just need PHP5.

Kind regards

Very good work on this very simple script installation.
How to set the French language?

Thank you

Hello Sir,

Thank you for purchase this script!

I am sorry but the French language is not available at this time.

But the translation by yourself is really very easy.

Kind regards

Hello Sir,

I thank you for purchase.

If you need help feel free to post is our support forums.

Kind regards

Hello Sir,

Find in download.php

and change to:

Please set in config.php to

$site_lang = "fr";

kind regards


Thank you very much for your help, have a good day


Very descriptive script, I liked that a lot. Will there be a Version 2?

I have upload my website on shared hosting, but i get this error:

403 – Forbidden
Access to this resource on the server is denied!

Can you also just use a download link which downloads the mp3 from a youtube link?
(Without going to another page…)
Is the live page faster than your demo version?


I am sorry but I don’t know what you mean about new page downloads!

Our script is installed on a simple server, if you have a powerful server the script run very fast!

Kind regards

I mean if I can just make a button, that runns the code… and downloads the file on the same page… without sending the user to another page, where he must click the download button…
Isn´t it possible to use the script like I want, without your website and your footer… I just want to integrate the php part, not the html… would that be possible?

Ok sir, now I know what’s your idea!

The script is built with this new download page! And at this time I have no solution for you! But if I have time I create a script like that! Because it’s a good Idea!

Do you mean a page where I can insert a YouTube link and in same page will be the download button?

Kind regards

Thanks for your fast reply!

Yes I have a mysql database, where I want to store the youtubelinks, that will be free to download at my page.
With php it should be possible to take the code from the database and make a “button” to download the youtube link directly on the page. So as a user you just have to click ONE button to “start” the download of the mp3 file.
That would be perfect!
(instead of the button, you can also programm a input-field to insert a YouTube link, like you said)

If I buy the php script can I modify it by my own or not? (I wonder, because if you could modify you could also just deleat the Copyright sign, without buying the option to deleat it…)

I would be soo glad if you would creat a script like that, which I can also modify to fit the needs of my website!

Kind regards

what does copyright removal mean? Cant you just integrate the script in your website? Why should there still be a copyright sign?

Hello sir,

The copyright is the link in the footer of script to our website!

If you purchase the copyright removal license you can delete the link to our website!

Kind regards

Hello Sir.

Sure Sir, Only need PHP, PHP file_gets_content.

No problem on shared hosting.

Kind regards

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