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You want your own clone Website? This PHP Script looks exactly like And works fine. Convert any YouTube Video to mp3 and let Download it by your users. You can customize all of the Script like, Titles, Description, etc. We have also 17 different Themes inclusive. But the standard theme looks fine.

Notice: This Script is not illegal because you do not host any Video or MP3 Files on your Server. The mp3 conversion will be done by 3.Party Provider.

Version: 1.1

You can try the Demo here:


  • Converts any YouTube Video to MP3
  • Converts any YouTube Urls (,,
  • Show Video Title
  • Show YouTube Tumbnail in HD
  • Download MP3


  • Built with Bootstrap
  • 17 different Themes
  • Full Responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy translation by yourself


  • This Script is not illegal
  • Run on any Server with PHP5
  • No Database requiered
  • No ffmpeg needed


  • PHP 5.x
  • YouTube API Key



You can try the Demo here:

Instant Download after Payment.

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Hello sir,

Yes this can be added but at this time this feature is in test mode!

Kind regards

Is the video download module ready? I am waiting for this add-on.


Is it possible to add the duration in info download


Hello Sir,

Sure Please try this:

Ok Sir,

Please open /download_functions.php and change'.$_GET["v"].'&key='.$apikey.'&part=snippet


Kind regards

Hello Sir,

This is the Duration:


Now you have to Convert it you like.

Kind regards

You can make the description below was in different languages as

Hello Sir,

The Script is in english language but the translation in your favorite language is very easy by yourself.

Kind regards

Buy the license to remove copyrigh and I did not work

What thieves will ask for my money

Hello sir

Thanks for purchase.

After purchase copyright removal license you are allowed to delete the copyright notice in footer by yourself!

Kind regards

Enter the file converter.php and I could not remove it, it remains the same. If there is no solution I will ask for the money in 24 hours

You have to change it in all files.

(index.php, convert.php, download.php)

Delete your cache of browser too.

Hola, no funciona en mi pagina cuando soy en ‘convertir’ me sale error ‘cortado url’ osea no pasa de converter.php , porfavor digame que corregir en el codigo, otra cosa… utilizo hostgator

Hola, no puedo ver por desgracia el error. Por favor, dígame su sitio web con lo que puedo mirarla. mejores saludos


I just bought your script but I do not understand where exactly I have to insert in the code below my Google API Key.


Do you have an example of a full functional code?
And I have to get my Google API Key or my YouTube API key? Or is it one and the same thing?
I ask this because I see different expressions in the script readme.txt and download_functions.php file.

Please let me know.

Thank you!


Ok, so it was the YouTube API Key and not the Google API Key as it says in the readme.txt documentation:

* Open /download_functions.php and put in your Google API Key.

Please correct the documentation readme.txt with right information so that future customers will not longer misled.

Thank you for your great work!


You can also implement the DMCA Protection Plugin in this script??

No Sir.

You can mod your robots.txt to disallow google bot


disallow: /convert.php*
disallow: /download.php*

Hi, i just bought the script and it give me an error on line 37 and the video title can’t display

This looks like a wrong Server config.

try to change server with correct config.

I recommend an VPS.

kind regards

Video was successfully converted

Title: not word

how fix this

I get an error every time I try to pay with PayPal, this is frustrating. Is it possible for me to pay with Bitcoin or is that not an option?

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