How to create a OpenSearch Plugin

What is a OpenSearch Plugin?

A OpenSearch Plugin allows you to search on a Website directly from your browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer use the search bar at the top right. Microsoft appears to prefer the term Search Provider but there is no difference in function. There are also tools to add search capability to right click menus and other locations.

What it can be useful for a Webmaster?

After create the Plugin you can submit it to various Provider. User will find easy your plugin and will also use it. Example: If you upload your plugin maybe to mozilla you will get thousands of user how use you plugin. You can also integrate your Plugin to the Sourcecode of your Website.

Example XML Search Plugin:

Please costumize this Example so that it fits to your website and safe it as an .xml file.

Now you can upload your OpenSearch Plugin to your Server.

Now we integrate the OpenSearch Plugin in the <head> Area of your Website:

Please be sure that the Title in your Sourcecode be identical to the Title of your OpenSearch Plugin.

For more range upload your Plugin to some Providers like or

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