How to install Apache and PHP on Ubuntu 14.04

To run a Website on a VPS Server we have tot sign up at a provider and setup a Server. If you use this tutorial it is very simple.

First we need a VPS Provider. We recommend: VULTR.

After Sign up at VULTR you can Deploy new Server.

Use this Link and receive $20 for your Server on VULTR.

We recommend this Settings:

  • Server Location: London
  • Server Type: Ubuntu 14.04 x64
  • Server Size: 15GB SSD ($5/mo)
  • Additional Feature:¬†Enable IPv6
  • Server Hostname & Label: Your Website Name
  • Deploy Now

Now we login to our new VPS Server with the TERMINAL:


Install Apache:

Install PHP:



Restart Server:

Search PHP Modules:

Install PHP Modules:

Setup mod_rewrite:

Setting Up .htaccess:

And Copy and Paste this in 2. Line:

Restart Server:

Now you can upload your files with your FTP App on your server.

If you need help please feel free to ask.

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