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All You Need To Know About Stephanie Hayden

Personal Life

Stephanie Hayden Ford was born in Louisiana in 1986. She is the only child of Will Hayden and Rachel Hayden. Stephanie Hayden is American nationality whose profession was a firearm specialist. Stephanie got the love for this profession from her father who was also a firearm specialist of his time. There is no such information revealed about her early education or graduation. She always had all her heart and interest in her fathers’ work and wanted to be a part of what he does. She believed that doing this certain business would help the world in a certain way. Stephanie Hayden’s own personal favorite gun is the RJF-built, suppressed AK-47. 

Stephanie’s life wasn’t as happy and merry as it looks like. It is confirmed that the father of Stephanie Hayden, Will Hayden was sentenced three life sentences and was charged for the offense of aggravated rape

Stephanie Hayden has portrayed herself as one of the toughest females due to her past and her profession. Her personality can be matched with the characters of Birds of Prey which is solely based on a superhero team of women. Imagine, how cool would Stephanie Hayden look the birds of prey costume 2020? On the other hand, apart from guns and firearms, Stephanie had other hobbies as well. These hobbies include photography, horse riding and most of all, rock climbing. 



Stephanie’s father is a gunsmith and is the owner of an organization whose aim is to produce, maintain and provide firearms for the government and private subsidiary. Not much information is available regarding the mother of Stephanie Hayden. Stephanie grew up around her parents and thus grew her interest and love for firearms and decided to pursue this field of career. 

Due to her immense love for guns and firearms, Stephanie decided to create a show based on her interest and somehow her own life. As soon as she left her studies, she helped her father to produce and created a show based on her interests called The Sons of Guns.

The show is based on their own life and in the show they also try to create awareness and tell safety tricks and hacks of using such firearms. The initial release of the first episode of the first season was on 26th of January 2011. 

Although in the real life, Stephanie was a very active member of the gun shop but she only appeared in 5 episodes of the show, Sons of Guns which actually had about 65 episodes. The reason of her limited appearance in the show is not yet confirmed but some unofficial an unconfirmed news tells us that Stephanie didn’t like to be a part of the show, she preferred being behind the curtains, pouring her heart out in the script. 

There has been 5 released seasons of Sons of Guns but Stephanie Hayden and her father, Will Hayden hasn’t been able to enjoy the wrap up of the television series due to one after another cases on them like sexual assault and child abuse. They have been dealing with such issues and their life was not getting any easy because of the media spotlight on them. 

Stephanie’s Love Life

stephanie hayden

There would probably be a lot of relationships in Stephanie’s life but there were two most significant ones that really did make an impact on Stephanie’s life. Her first significant relationship was with William Scott. William Scott is an American actor, comedian as well as a producer. Some of the best roles that William Scott have played includes the role of Steve Stifler in the TV series American Pie and the role of Doug Glatt in both Goon and Goon: Last of the Enforcers. Stephanie Hayden has a son with William Scott but due to unfortunate incidents, their relationship didn’t work out for long. 

Stephanie’s other relationship and the most significant one was with Kris Ford. The couple is believed to have 2 kids of their own. Although, the couple was charged with domestic violence. It was presented in the court that both Kris Ford was beating up the child Stephanie has with William with a belt and Stephanie was witnessing the entire event. Kris was charged with the offense of child abuse whereas Stephanie was charged with principle to cruelty to juveniles

Ever since this incident broke the news, both Kris Ford and Stephanie Hayden decided to stay away from the spotlight altogether. 

Net Worth

Stephanie Hayden has generated her net worth primarily by the show she created called The Sons of Guns and secondarily with the company that her father owns. Stephanie Hayden is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 with all what she has built of james bond costume

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