Top 10 Websites To Watch Cartoons, Best Alternatives (2020)

Who does not love cartoons? The whole of our childhood was about watching cartoons from dawn to dusk. Life, however, becomes busier by now or maybe stressful, if to be accurate. Thus, in such a hectic life watching cartoons online would definitely be bliss. You can watch them wherever you want, whenever you want, and yes, it’s absolutely free. 

This article would present your top 10 websites to watch cartoons online other than the Watch Cartoons Online website.

1. ToonJet Website

This website is a treat for all those old souls who are searching for old cartoons. Offering a wide range of old to new cartoons, this website could be your potential best friend. What’s more interesting? This website is ad-free, which means no frustration while watching. Also, its watchers would experience the best UI. 

Moreover, this website also does not require wide information exchange forms. Thus the problem of enlisting is not a problem here.  

The cartoons are mostly dubbed in the English language; however, the platform offers cartoons dubbed in Japanese, Spanish, and other languages too. Tom and Jerry, Spiderman, Dragon Ball Z are some of its famous presented cartoons. 

One of the outstanding features of this website is that it offers different route choices to its watchers. This feature not only saves the client’s time but also enables him the other vast options to find his preferred cartoons and its scene. Viola, not only your time, but energy is all saved here.  

2. Super Cartoons

watch cartoons

Interactive yet the best alternative to Watch Cartoon Online for watching cartoons online and Anime subbed and dubbed movies and videos is nothing but a Super Cartoon platform. This website offers a wide range of interactions to its watcher due to its supreme user interface quality. Sorting out all episodes of the required cartoon is just a click away on this site. 

  • The best part of this website is that it offers a wide range of options for searching. These options come up with the filter by character, cartoon, series, studio, etc. 
  • Thus, searching not only becomes convenient but a wide range of clustered data is in front of you ready to serve your mood with efficiency and interaction. 
  • Another best part about this site is it’s outclassed quality. Its stream quality is pretty good. By offering 4k UHD resolution it becomes an apple of the eye of high-end TV users.
  • Last but not least is that this website serves its users’ download option. Extra point? The offline video quality is the same as the streaming one. 
  • This feature not only helps in the time of WIFI crises but also helps in watching cartoons on a go.

3. Disney Junior

This is another useful website which aids you to watch cartoons online. A website with a great banner name needs no introduction. The homepage of this site comes up with different Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse or Cinderella, Donald duck or maybe Pluto. 

So, you just have to click your favorite Disney character and viola the whole of the cartoons series based on that character in front of you. What else a Disney fan could ask for?  

Not satisfied? Need something extra? Yes, Disney Junior does have something extra for you. First of all, like YouTube, it is free of cost. Secondly, unlike its competitors, Disney Junior comes up with not only the options of games but also offers songs to you. Pretty extra. Isn’t it? What else could someone ask for? 

4. Nick

This website is definitely a treat for nickelodeon fans. So gear up to revive your favorite childhood times when Spongebob was your best buddy. This website ensures to entertain you through all your favorite characters of Nickelodeon. Cartoons like Avatar, Power Rangers or Alvin and the Chimpkins are just at the end of a single click.

This website is basically a haven for nick fans. Interaction is another quality of this site. You can vote for your favorite toons by participating in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. Along with all these, you can treat yourself with online games. So what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself with all the above-mentioned fun just by clicking the link given above. 

5. Cartoons On

One of the most famous websites to watch cartoons online around the globe is Cartoons On. This site has one of the largest data of numerous cartoons ready to serve you entirely as per your mood.

The best part is its interactive user interface. The website smartly categorized the cartoons in different sections, like genre, studio, series, characters, and shows. Thus now you would have vast data in front of you and searching becomes a lot easier.

The standout feature of this website is the provision of a short description of the toons you are searching for. Thus experience becomes more interactive and intimate when you get to know about your favorite a little more. Surely a cherry on the top for toons lover.

The user-friendly library is all set to serve you. However, you may find ads there. But Personally, I do not find them offending since the website already has tremendous great features to be avail without losing a single penny. However, if you are really interested in blocking the ads out then you go for the Adblock-plus

6. ToonGet

Toon Get is another website to watch cartoons online. A vast collection of data is especially holding thousands of characters, be it comical or series.

Increasingly, another useful feature is the alphabetical arrangement of the videos. Thus making your surfing a lot easier. 

Apart from all these, true joy is its ‘special feature’ which is a tab called ‘surprise’. This tab randomly plays anything on its own. So next time when you are bored and disoriented enough, not knowing what to watch, go for this website. The Surprise feature would definitely treat your boredom well.

7. Cartoon Network

watch cartoons on cartoon network

Cartoon Network has something in its name, whenever it pops up in your mind you cannot help but smile. The majority of our childhood was about Cartoon Network and all the world’s best shows we used to watch before and after school. Thanks to CN, it comes up with its official site to treat its die-hard fans around the globe.

Powerpuff girls, Oggy, Ben10 are few of the numerous amazing and hilarious shows the CN website offers to watch cartoons online. Also, the quality is supreme, and yes it’s free of cost too. 

Apps for IOS and android are also available and ready to entertain you with your favorite character. So gear up, click on the link given above and dive into your childhood without paying a single penny.

8. Anime Toon

An internationally acknowledged website that is highly popular for its dubbed cartoon from Korea and Japan. Thus this website serves as a vast data repository for the Korean and Japanese cartoons dubbed in English to serve the toons lover all around the world.  So action anime like Naruto or maybe Dragon Ball Z is just a click away from you. Just click and enjoy the flick, for no money.

Not satisfied? Need something extra too? Yes, you are in the right place. This website has a great user interface, searching cartoons and anime is a lot easier all the anime are group as per their genre, structured into drama, comedy, adventure, action, horror, family, food, and much more. 

Also, the website is in a constant update mode so as to provide you with all your latest favorite cartoons. Also, you are free to rate your favorite video and could comment on that too in the comment section.

The most satisfying thing is that this website does not come with advertisements. Thus there is no interruption between you and your favorite cartoon. So what are you waiting for? Go and binge-watch your favorite cartoon without advertisements and any money. 

9. KissAnime

On this amazing site, you can watch, stream and can even download any type of cartoon. Also, it provides you many amazing features. So you and your kids can enjoy their free time. It is one of the best sites to enjoy anime too. Here you can also watch dubbed and subbed cartoons. 

10. Youtube

watch cartoons on youtube

If you are watching cartoons on Youtube, it is one of the best ways to enjoy great video quality. You can select video quality options. Also, you can add your favorite cartoons in your playlist or can even save them to watch later. 

Thinking to get a VPN? There is no need for such a thing on Youtube. So simply search for your favorite cartoon. Then click on it and watch it on desirable quality.


So now you have a pretty decent and wholesome list of websites on which you can watch your favorite cartoons online. All the websites mentioned above are highly rated, with an excellent user interface providing supreme quality videos. So you and your kids can enjoy cartoons easily at any time. 

Be it any cartoon show, you can watch it on these mentioned links easily. So, go for them, kill your boredom and revive the sweet memories of your childhood, and if you are a child then make your childhood pretty memorable. 

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